Volleyball Leagues

Winter Session

Jan - Feb :  $250


Division Identifications:

Recreational – This division is usually for those players who haven’t played or maybe they have played at a local community center or church where the teams were chosen by a ‘drawing’ method.  These teams/players are continuing to work on basic fundamentals.  If you have already been playing at Sonny's, this division is not for you - if you are a lower age team wanting to play up, you will need to register for the Intermediate division for the older age.  Recreational divisions are for those teams who truly need to work on their fundamentals, many of the teams might have never played before.


Intermediate – This division is made up of teams who have been playing together for a few years and maybe a year of that was on the recreational level at Sonny's or a comparable facility. These teams/players have a strong grasp of most fundamentals.


Competitive – This division is usually made up of teams who have been playing together and stay together all year, many times this team does travel and plays in several tournaments throughout the year. If you are a highly successful traveling team, you might want to consider playing up a grade level to ensure the best competition.

Volleyball Play

Volleyball open play is available weekly from Monday - Fridays from 1 pm - 5 pm for all ages and skills levels.  

Adult open play is also available on Monday evenings from 9:00pm - 12:00am.  Cost for all open play is $3 admission at the front entrance 

*please note that open play times are subject to change based on groups/coaches renting court time 

Skill Training/Lessons

Private lessons or skill training is available based on individual needs of interested parties.  Coaches can arrange court time and train players or players/families can contact us for more information. 


For information on training/court time, contact us by email info@sonnyssportsplex.com or call us at 803-661-9146