Basketball Leagues

Back to School Session

July - Sept :  $250

  • This is an 8 game session for K1 - Middle School Boys and Girls

  • This session will have 2 divisions 


Division Identifications:

Recreational – This division is usually for those players who haven’t played or maybe they have played at a local community center or church where the teams were chosen by a ‘drawing’ method.  These teams/players are continuing to work on basic fundamentals.  If you have already been playing at Sonny's, this division is not for you - if you are a lower age team wanting to play up, you will need to register for the Intermediate division for the older age.  Recreational divisions are for those teams who truly need to work on their fundamentals, many of the teams might have never played before.


Intermediate – This division is made up of teams who have been playing together for a few years and maybe a year of that was on the recreational level at Sonny's or a comparable facility. These teams/players have a strong grasp of most fundamentals.


Competitive – This division is usually made up of teams who have been playing together and stay together all year, many times this team does travel and plays in several tournaments throughout the year. If you are a highly successful traveling team, you might want to consider playing up a grade level to ensure the best competition.



League Fees

# of Teams per 8 Games  

1 team - $250 

2 teams - $225 (per team)

3 or more teams - $200  (per team)

** Please note:  each team is allowed one game change per session, if other games are required to be changed it is up to the coach who needs the change to get with the other teams and make the switch before notifying the league coordinator otherwise we will have to have a forfeit for that team.  Please make all game requests at the time of registration and we will do our best to accommodate those requests at that time.

*Certain restrictions  may apply
*Multi-team discounts must have one point of contact
*Payments must be made for all teams on one transaction
*Cash, check, or MasterCard, Visa, or Discover cards accepted



*$150 deposit due on all team registration, this fee goes towards your league fee however it is non-refundable if the schedule has been made and you decide to drop the from league.