Frequently Asked Questions

Teams and Players

Can I place my child on a team at Sonny's SportsPlex?
Sonny's SportsPlex allows players to sign-up as a free agent. 


How can I find a team for my child?
We do offer the ability to allow player profiles to be submitted on-line and we will keep the profiles on hand in our office when teams are looking to add additional players. On our homepage, click on the "Are you a player looking for a team?" link at the middle of every page and upload your childs' information. 


What are the age limits for the leagues?
Sonny's SportsPlex leagues are limited by grades of players, not ages or birth dates. Players may play in a league for their grade or a higher grade, but may not play in a league for a grade lower than what they are enrolled. Sonny's SportsPlex receives numerous calls asking for players to be allowed to play down a league due to size or skill level of a player, or the fact that they are actually younger than the grade level they are playing in. Sonny's SportsPlex does reserve the right to amend this rule, but only under special circumstances. 


Can my child play on more than one team?
Players may play on two teams in the same division.

- The player must be listed on the official team roster for each team prior to the first games being played. If a player is not listed on the official waiver/roster and participates in a game, the team will forfeit that game.

- If a player is on multiple rosters, he/she may only play for one team during any scheduled game time. (Example: A player may not start a game for one team, and then during that game, go play for their other team.)

- Teams that share players may not request to not play each other. It is up to the player to determine which team he/she competes for.

- Different game times will not be guaranteed for teams that share players. Sonny's SportsPlex will attempt to schedule accordingly, but it may be logistically impossible to do so. 

- If same game times occur, it is up to the player to determine which team he/she competes for. It is the responsibility of the teams to have enough players to field their teams if they play at the same time. 

What kind of uniforms are required?
Teams are required to have shirts or jerseys similar in color with numbers on either front or back. Sonny's SportsPlex do not supply uniforms for teams, but if two teams are playing each other with similar colored uniforms, The Courts will supply pennies for the teams to wear for that game.



How do I register my team? 
A team registration must be turned in prior to the registration deadline. Registrations may be made at our website, mailed in, or turned in at Sonny's SportsPlex office. 

When is our league fee due?
A deposit of at least $150 must also be received prior to the registration deadline to secure a spot in the league. A team will not be scheduled if this deposit has not been made. The remaining balance is due at your team's first game. 

Do I need to fill out a roster to play in a league?
A team waiver/roster form must be filled out and turned in prior to your first game. A copy of this form may be found at our "Rules and Policies" page. 

What day does a grade play on during a league? 
To find a list of days that each grade plays, go to the Upcoming Leagues page then click on the "Scheduled Days of Play" for the desired league. 

Where can I find my team's schedule?
Schedules can be found on our "Schedule/Scoreboard" page by clicking on the appropriate league that is in session. Conferences are designated by grade, ie. conferences starting with 1 are 1st grade, 2 are 2nd grade, etc.

Which conferences are non-competitive, semi-competitive, and competitive? 
No definite designation is made to determine which leagues are strictly non-competitive or competitive. Sometimes there are multiple conference of the same level or with limited number of teams, skill levels may be combined to form one conference. Typically the greater the conference number, the more competitive the league.

If my team is unable to play a scheduled game, can it be rescheduled?
Sonny's SportsPlex will attempt to help teams that aren't able to make their regularly scheduled games. We do so when it does not compromise another team's schedule and sometimes changes cannot be made. 

Can I request to play at certain times and days, or not play at certain times or days?
Scheduling considerations may be asked for prior to the registration deadline. Please view our Game Scheduling Policy on our "Rules and Policies" page. 

Can we play all of our games on the alternate days of play?
A team must make every attempt to play at least half of their games on the primary day of play. When registering, please list the days of play that you are able to attend to better assist in scheduling. For more information on scheduling policies, please view the Game Scheduling Policy at our "Rules and Policies" page.


Can my team practice at Sonny's SportsPlex?
Court rental time is available, but limited. Courts may be rented during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am until close of business day, as well as weekends at varying times. Due to leagues and tournaments that are scheduled, available times are extremely limited, but may be made by contacting management. 

Are The Courts available for birthday parties? 
Due to leagues and tournaments, birthday parties that include a court rental are extremely limited, but may be available.