General Basketball Rules

All league games will be governed by the official rules as adopted by the 
National Federation of State High School Associations 
(These are the rules utilized by SCHSL as well) with the following exceptions and additions.


Length of Games and Clock Rules

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade - 14 Minute Halves

  • 2nd Grade/3rd Grade - 16 Minute Halves

  • 4th-12th Grade - 18 Minute Halves


If a team has a 20 point or greater lead the clock will not stop during the final 2 minutes. Additionally, the clock will stop during official’s timeouts as well as during the shooting of technical foul free throws.

Overtime Rules

  • The 1st overtime will be 2 minutes with a running clock during the 1st minute and the clock will stop on dead balls during the last minute.

  • The second overtime will be 1 minute with the clock stopping on dead balls throughout. The third and final overtime will be 2 minutes with a running clock and will be sudden death. If no one scores during this period the game will be a draw.



  • Each team will be allowed (3) 45 second timeouts during regulation. These will not carry over into overtime. One additional timeout per team will be allowed during each of the first 2 overtimes.

  • There will be no timeouts during the 3rd overtime period.


Forfeit Time

  • Game time will be the forfeit time. If a team does not have at least 4 players on the court at game time the game will be deemed a forfeit. After a team has forfeit two games, it is up to Sonny's Sportsplex whether that team will continue to play in the league. An exception shall be granted for the first game of the day in which case a 10 minute grace time shall be allowed. Once a team has 4 players available the game shall start.


Goal Height

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade - 8 Feet

  • 2nd Grade - 9/10 Feet

  • All Others - 10 Feet


Ball Size

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade - 28.5 (Regulation Girls' Ball)

  • 2nd Grade-6th Grade - 28.5” (Regulation Girls’ Ball)

  • 7th-12th Girls - 28.5” (Regulation Girl's Ball)

  • 7th-12th Boys - 29.5” (Regulation Boy’s Ball)


Free Throw Distance

  • Kindergarten/2nd Grade - Shoot from 8 Feet and the shooter may land on the line after the release

  • 3rd Grade - Shoot from 12 feet and the shooter may land on the line after the release

  • 4th Grade and up - Regular rules apply


Lane Violations

  • K1-2nd Grade - No lane violations will be called

  • 3rd Grade - Lane violations shall be enforced after 5 seconds

  • 4th Grade and up - Ordinary rules shall apply


*During lower level games the officials will be allowed to use greater judgment when enforcing the lane rule.*



  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade - No pressing will be allowed. The defense must stay “below” an imaginary line extending parallel with the mid court line and located at the top of the key.  Teams must penetrate the imaginary line within 10 seconds of each possession or a violation will be called.  If the ball returns above imaginary line, a new 10-second count will begin.

  • 2nd Grade Recreational - No pressing will be allowed 

  • 2nd Grade Competitive and up - No restrictions

*No full court press shall be allowed at any level by a team with a lead of 20 points or more.*

Bench Rules

  • Each team shall be allowed to have a maximum of 2 coaches on the bench during games, one head coach and one assistant coach. Only the head coach is allowed to stand and/or address the officials during play. Each team must have at least one adult coach (18 years of age or older) on the bench at all times.

  • Only water and sports beverages are allowed on the bench (in bottles only--no cups are allowed). No carbonated beverages are allowed.



  • If you, as a coach, receives a Technical by the official - you are required to stay seating for the remainder of the game and you are not allowed to speak - your 2nd coach on the bench becomes your speaking coach.

  • If you, as a coach, receives a 2nd Technical - you are required to leave the court, you may watch from the common area.



  • All players shall have jerseys of matching color with numbers clearly visible on the back.

  • Teams are encouraged to have reversible jerseys in order to eliminate wearing the same color as the opposition. The coaches shall agree prior to game time which team shall be light and which shall be dark. In the event that neither team has reversible jerseys, and the sole colors are the same, a coin toss will be used to determine which team shall be required to wear pennies.


Pre-game Procedures

  • Each head coach shall be responsible for ensuring that the roster listed on the official score sheet is accurate including last names and numbers.


Post-game Procedures

  • Players are encouraged to line up and shake hands at the conclusion of each game.

  • It is the head coach’s responsibility to ensure that all player equipment and water bottles are removed from the bench area immediately upon completion of each game.

  • Although, we do not request a roster from each team. A player must play at least one season game in order to participate during the post season. 



  • All games will be officiated by SCHSLCertified Officials.

  • The lead official shall certify that the final score is accurate and shall sign the score sheet indicating so.